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At Möels & Co, we are always pleased to hear feedback, we can only ‘better’ ourselves through the positive and negative comments. It’s an important part of what helps us to continuously validate and improve our designs. During our pre-launch campaign we have received amazing feedback from the general public, watch enthusiasts and even industry insiders. In just three weeks on social networks, we have received more than 4500 likes and more than 1300 positive comments and 99% said they would definitely purchase a Möels & Co 528 timepiece, so we must be doing something well. We would love to hear your comments and any suggestions on how we could improve our design. Please email us, all comments are gratefully appreciated: 


“Elegant, dressy, refined and sophisticated, all these adjectives are not enough to describe the new Möels & Co 528 timepiece.”

Per Osterby

“A unique design, classic yet ultra modern and harmoniously balanced, Möels & Co 528 is definitely a landmark timepiece.”

George Millard

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